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Take your act to the next level and piss off the $300 public gigs!

I make over 100k a year – much of this is made up of high paying private work.
I learned that if an act has a decent pro clip a good agent or YOURSELF can sell the act sight unseen for high fees.

It’s a perception – the act appears pro and the fee is pro – simple. I’m very specific in how I shoot clips that get the big dollars.

GET A CLIP MADE if you want to make big $ from COVERS

Original music I dunno – go ask Paul McCartney

You can use the clip yourself to promote to anyone – You own it!

Here’s what my team does……in all major cities Australia wide.
The product we deliver is a professionally shot and edited 90 – 120 sec clip with titles and promo text.

YES – I need better promo to earn the $ I deserve

  •   An agent friendly version with no contact details on it for agents / bookers use
  •   And a copy for you with your contact details for your personal use.
    Both uploaded to a vimeo account so you can send the link by email or SMS.
    20 sec long cuts of 6 songs smoothly edited into a 90- 120 sec clip
    2 ballads, 2 mid tempo songs 2 rockin dance songs.
    The clip is made from the client’s point of view – showing people having a great time with the occasional cut to closer shots of you.


    Basic Package
    1 cam shoot – with high quality cam audio sound.

    Premium Package ( Most popular)
    2 cam shoot with mix of live cam audio plus line out of desk audio blended.

    Spielberg Package – high end corporate product
    3 cam shoot
    Studio quality Multitrack recording with onsite engineer
    Sound mixed in studio then synced to clip

    We consult with you first
    We advise on location , song choices, and anything necessary to set up a good shot.

    We have extra lights if needed and we’re on site long enough to get the job done – 1.5- 2 hours.

I’m convinced – book me a clip NOW