Pricing & Contact

Tim – 0419 212 620

100% Money back guarantee – a perfect clip or your money back.
This is easy for us – we know what we’re doing.

Step 1: You Enquire with us.
Step 2: We plan with you the perfect promo clip
Step 3: We shoot the clip – if we don’t get the footage that meets our standards we shoot another gig – FREE.
Step 4: We upload the clip to Vimeo and send you the link.

1 Cam shoot
High Quality Cam sound
Free consult on.. 
Song Choices
And Ideal location
$350 + gst
Premium (Most Popular)
2 Cam Shoot 
Cam + Desk Audio Blended
Free consult on..
Song choices
And Ideal Location 
$450 + gst
Add studio engineered sonic
sound booster 
Fatter Warmer louder
$75 + gst per clip
listen & compare the first 2
clips - not on a phone though!
3 Cam Shoot
Studio quality Multitrack Rec
with onsite engineer
Sound mixed in studio & synced
to clip
$1000 - $1500 + gst 
Exact quote depends on live
sound PA logistics. 

All fees above for metro areas 
- a little extra for way out
 woop woop.

Hook Yourself Up With A Kick Arse Clip